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cosmic photography of the beauty in nature, the connection to earth and Self. Self-portraiture and portraiture photography in nature.

Workshops and Retreats with Julia

Would you love to learn how to dive deep into the world of image making, photography that shares a feeling, an honoring of place, time and being? This is where we will come together, and discover our inner artist through connecting with the cycles of nature, with ceremony and with our physical + psychospiritual being. Together we will create imagery that induces wonder into states of beauty and to explore the embodiment of our Love.

I am beyond excited to offer these workshops and classes, to share my journey through photography that started 20 years ago! It's been quite the process, going in and out of image making, discovering and re-discovering it's magic.

White Sands :: Nature and Self Overnight Retreat

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, October 12-13th 2019

Photography and Ceremony retreat with Julia Corbett

For adventurous souls. Explore with me, the grand nature of gypsum sand dunes, magical wonder of the night sky and sunrise. We will share cacao ceremony in the evening, tea ceremony in the morning. 

I invite you to commune with the energy of the earth and the sky (matter and spirit), tune into the elements and connect to your hearts, through how our bodies and movement of self reflect these elements. We will be working together and individually on cultivating our creative energy, tuning into the feeling of our bodies, our sensual nature and how it relates to the camera and being seen, both by self and by other.

This is a journey of depth into our hearts, the love that flows freely through us and how it interrelates to the reality that we face here in body. As women we have deep wounding of a physical nature, of shame in our sensuality, our sexuality, of showing our wildly free beauty. All of us contain the power to lift our selves out of this projection of self doubt and unworthiness. We will be creating a safe space to explore these ideas (if you wish), and can make it deeply personal or more relational depending on your desires.  

Limited to 5 participants 

  • Exchange $475

  • cacao and tea ceremony included

  • individual portrait sessions, 30 min each plus spontaneous shots in the moment

  • self portrait teaching, tuning into elements and lighting, ways to capture exquisite imagery

  • disposable film camera included for the element of surprise and contemplation of place

  • receive 11 edited images, 1 cosmic art image

To apply click on the intake form below


Travel arrangements, what to bring and how to prepare for this retreat will be discussed upon receiving your intake form. Included is a personal consultation through phone or email so we can connect prior and both get the most out of this experience.

*nudity is and added element and not required, but we will open to that space if you choose. 

Private one on one or group workshops :: email juliadianeart@gmail.com for more information


:: Elemental Self Care Retreat ::

Seasonal Transitions, Cosmic Intentions

self care IMG_6072.jpg

With Lyndsey Madden + Julia Corbett

Ojai, CA // Saturday, September 14th // 1-7pm

Nurtured by nature, join us as we explore the waking heart and our relationship to the seasonal transitions. Let us nourish you through sharing ceremony, self care rituals, gua sha, esoteric acupressure, healthful food, a sound healing journey and mini portrait sessions to embody this state of self love and honor your beauty. 

We will gather in Ojai, the Valley of the Moon to experience ::

A day retreat, immersed in healing modalities that nurture the transitions from summer to autumn.

  • Topics discussed: honoring our natural rhythms and paying attention to seasonal shifts. Chinese medicine and the two seasons of summer to fall. Sleep ritual, nutrition, self-care

  • Cacao Ceremony to open the heart pathways and spectrum of being

  • Individual mini photo sessions that celebrate your innate beauty (includes at least 5 edits, plus one cosmic edit)

  • Gua sha facial treatment instruction and application

  • sound meditation with essential oil and esoteric acupressure (no needles).

Exchange :: $333 per person

Send to VENMO (@Lyndsey-Romero) or contact directly juliadianeart@gmail.com

* in the spirit of inclusiveness, Julia and Lyndsey are offering two low income spots to participants at $108. To help cover costs, if you feel called to help support you can select the third tier of payment on the payment page. to apply for the low income please inquire directly. email :: juliadianeart@gmail.com

* If you want a more in depth portrait experience, you can reach out to Julia prior and can arrange for that, to go further into visual exploration through a Cosmic Self Session.

* Lyndsey will be available that weekend for acupuncture sessions and yoni steamings in Ojai. Inquire directly : Internal Alchemy

Julia Corbett Bio :

Julia is a photographer + cacao alchemist + ceremonialist, creatively inspired by celestial realms and the earth. She loves diving deep into plant medicine, being immersed in the elements, living close to nature and exploring relationship of self and other through the different bodies : intellectually, through physical matter and cosmically.

She has been a photographer since her teenage years, studied it in college and even had a short moment in photojournalism. Soon after Julia immersed herself in plant medicine, and the healing properties of plant allies including cacao. This heart opening medicine has guided her to landscapes of beauty within and in the outer world. Photography has continued to be a thread through it all, and emerged as a deeper art form through the last five years, taking self portraits and morphing into creative art pieces that merge the nature of our bodies with that of the earth and the spirit.

Julia now lives in Santa Fe, NM and continues to visit the Los Angeles area to work and create.

Lyndsey Madden Bio :

Lyndsey has dedicated her life to the study and practice of the healing arts for over a decade. Her training includes: tantra, hatha yoga and pranayama, plant-based nutrition, yogic philosophy, Taoism, and Oriental medicine, including acupuncture, herbology and qi gong. 

In 2012 she embarked on her journey in Oriental Medicine. She has been a licensed acupuncturist and Physician of Eastern Medicine since 2017, when she started her practice, Internal Alchemy. Lyndsey sees patients in both Los Angeles and Ojai, California where she now resides.

Her passions include women’s health, esoteric acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, travel, observing and communing with nature, mindfulness, understanding seasonal rhythms, daily ritual and self-care, balance, and living a life of service. 

Self Love Nature Immersions :: Photography + Ceremony 

Through the exploration of nature and place, my photography developed with my interests and comforts. Nature has always had a special connection to my heart, and making time for it daily is like a meditation. Often, I would explore these places alone and be immersed in the experience of beauty, taking in the sights and the scents, the sounds of the trees blowing in the wind and the birds chirping. It is this sense of place that keeps me connected to Self, wherever I go. 

Making the transition into portrait photography happened a few years ago, when I was inspired through Instagram, witnessing so many beautiful ladies posting photos of themselves that were beyond the typical selfie, and then having the opportunity to connect with them in person at the Spirit Weavers Gathering. A transformational experience with the goddess, connecting to the feminine, true compassion and beauty were part of this transition back into photography and into self-portraiture and then portraits of others. 


The Experience

Join me :: I would love to invite you to experience this transformative healing process, which I have found it to be. Yes, this is a photography class, but it is also a practice that can be part of your self-discovery and tuning into your true beauty. It goes beyond the image, bringing out the feelings within and honoring your Self.


All workshops and retreats will begin with ceremony. We begin with cacao ceremony to tune into the depth of the heart and the earth. I have also invited friends to work in collaboration sharing their ceremonial services. It can include the following :: tea, breath work, kirtan, meditation, dance, sound healing and more! These experiences will help you to drop into the space, connect more deeply within, and create a connection to the group, gathering together.


We will explore our inner and outer beauty, in a space of nature, a space that can allow us to shine from our core. There will be a few photographs first taken by me, to explain the process and to get comfortable. Then we will work together to set up our own spaces and make our own imagery. Followed by discussions on editing and post processing.  


private sessions

customize the experience, learn the art of self-portraiture, explore compositing images, upgrade your photo skills! I can travel to you, or we can choose a location together. These sessions dive deep into creativity, into nature, into you. Lets explore!

Private one on one or group workshops :: email juliadianeart@gmail.com for more information