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cosmic photography of the beauty in nature, the connection to earth and Self. Self-portraiture and portraiture photography in nature.

Self Portrait Workshops // Immersive Nature photo Classes


Would you love to learn how to dive deep into the world of image making, photography that shares a feeling, an honoring of place, time and being? This is where we will come together, and discover our inner artist through connecting with the cycles of nature, with ceremony and with our physical being. Together we will create imagery that induces wonder into states of beauty and to explore what beauty really means. 

I am beyond excited to offer these workshops and classes, to share my journey through photography that started 20 years ago! It's been quite the process, going in and out of image making, discovering and re-discovering it's magic. 


Through the exploration of nature and place, my photography developed with my interests and comforts. Nature has always had a special connection to my heart, and making time for it daily is like a meditation. Often, I would explore these places alone and be immersed in the experience of beauty, taking in the sights and the scents, the sounds of the trees blowing in the wind and the birds chirping. It is this sense of place that keeps me connected to Self, wherever I go. 

Making the transition into portrait photography happened a few years ago, when I was inspired through Instagram, witnessing so many beautiful ladies posting photos of themselves that were beyond the typical selfie, and then having the opportunity to connect with them in person at the Spirit Weavers Gathering. A transformational experience with the goddess, connecting to the feminine, true compassion and beauty were part of this transition back into photography and into self-portraiture and then portraits of others. 


The Experience

Join me :: I would love to invite you to experience this transformative healing process, which I have found it to be. Yes, this is a photography class, but it is also a practice that can be part of your self-discovery and tuning into your true beauty. It goes beyond the image, bringing out the feelings within and honoring your Self.


All classes will begin with ceremony. I have invited friends to work in collaboration sharing their ceremonial services. It will include one or more of the following :: tea, breath work, kirtan, meditation, sound healing and more! These experiences will help you to drop into the space, connect more deeply within, and create a connection to the group, gathering together.


We will explore our inner and outer beauty, in a space of nature, a space that can allow us to shine from our core. There will be a few photographs first taken by me, to explain the process and to get comfortable. Then we will work together to set up our own spaces and make our own imagery. Followed by discussions on editing and post processing.  


private sessions

customize the experience, learn the art of self-portraiture, explore compositing images, upgrade your photo skills! I can travel to you, or we can choose a location together. These sessions dive deep into creativity, into nature, into you. Lets explore!


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Current Offerings

Self as Muse :: Creative Cultivation Workshop - Ojai


Join Julia Corbett in a workshop focused on cultivating creative energy and art through an exploration of the Self, our inner landscape.


We will use tea, meditation, mantra & journaling, and self-portrait photography with a nature walk to open up, to feel into the heart, and to tap into our innate creative source energy.


I will have a special guest to lead the meditation and to drop us into the heartspace with gentle movement and guided mantra.


There will be a silent tea followed by sharing and journaling. A workbook for opening creative writing space, or drawing. And then we will move into self portrait through photography. I will share some of my techniques for getting comfortable in front of the camera, as well as some technical information and discuss the post production process. We will finish with a nature walk at the local preserve here in Ojai where we can practice portraiture in a public setting.


Bring a camera or a phone with a camera that has a self-timer. A tripod is helpful but not necessary. Comfy clothes and a change of clothes if you wish for the photos.


Light snacks will be provided & chocolate.

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Private one on one or group workshops :: email alchemygoddess@gmail.com for more information