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photography in the natural world, wonder & discover. 

TRansformational Portraits :: photo Experience

Channeling your inner beauty, we will explore the self and allow your essence to come through in these photos. It is all about your vision. Open your heart and fly free, let that energy be channeled into the camera. This is about seeing, your truth, where your pure beauty lies. We can discover, together, what it is you envision. 

Schedule a Photo Experience in a gorgeous natural setting, bathed in the light of the sun. I offer sessions in Los Angeles and the Bay Area currently. Contact me if you would like me to travel to you, this is also an option. Lets meet in a setting of beauty; the ocean, the hills, forest or a garden. Here we will explore the self, to get into a state of openness, where we will find connection between the heart & nature. Imbibe in the pure elements of the earth, share some chocolate ;) and let us make some imagery that inspires & shares the message you have to give the world! 




"I am so glad I followed my instinct and contacted Julia for a portrait session - the overall experience was more than I could have imagined! Julia's presence was so calming and natural. It helped me be in my essence - which really came through in the final images. I never felt like I was posing, just exploring the landscape and light in a meditative state. Eternal gratitude."

- April Miller McMurtry, THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR


"It is such a pleasure to work with a creative visionary Julia. She is professional, fun and most of all has a tremendous “eye” for creating the most captivationg shots. I love that Julia is calm, grounding and makes you feel at ease and brings out the true nature of YOU. I highly reccommend Julia if you are interested in some new and innovative photo shots."

- Anita Sundaram, The Art of Sacred Living


"Ana and I from Dream Inspired Design have enjoyed collaborating with Julia on three photo sessions thus far for the development of our own business' branding over the last two years. She is our go-to photographer when making referrals for our own branding clients. We love Julia's aesthetic, her passion, and openness to creative ideas. She is fully present at the photo sessions making clients feel comfortable and at ease so their true essence can shine. She always delivers a wide variety of shots which is great for brand development for promotional materials and website creation. She shows up, delivers on time and is professional! We highly recommend collaborating which this creative soul~inspiring photographer + muse!" ~ Shelby Sanchez, Creative Marketing Strategist + Inspirer at Dream Inspired Design




Divine Feminine Portrait Sessions

:: Radiate your inherent beauty, in a natural setting

:: Promote your offerings

:: Update profile pictures

:: Embody the goddess & be inspired 


Flower Portraits Session

:: Collage portraits of you & flowers

:: Unique way to present your self

:: Photo session combined with my artful guidance and post-editing

:: Share the feminine beauty  


Naked in Nature Portrait Session

:: Free yourself in a natural setting, embracing your body and your spirit. 

:: A safe space to connect and nurture inner beauty. 

:: Photos that are empowering and sensual, you choose how much to reveal.

:: Optional light post editing and composite imagery available. 


Transformational Business Photo Session

:: Focus on your offering, conveying the connection between you and your gift 

:: Cacao tasting to guide our journey and energize the heart

:: Full photo session in nature to awaken a free feeling, held by nature's beauty

:: Post editing to create a collaborative creative vision, with composite photography // layering // collage



Current Rates

Divine Feminine Portraits ::

$550 3 hour session, meet on location (sunset & sunrise are especially nice for golden light :)). We will explore a few different settings within the location of your choice. You will receive appx 15 final edited photos. (additional photos may be purchased) 

$880 5 hour session, meet on location. We will visit two to three settings, and various locations within those settings, with a variety of portraits, active shots, and my specialty long exposure shots. You will receive appx 33 final edited photos. (additional photos may be purchased).

Flower Portraits ::

$770 2 hour portrait session combined with an exploration of flowers. We can go together to a garden, your personal garden or public. We can also purchase flower bouquets, or I can dive into my vault of photos for your favorite floral beauties. I will take photos of you in nature, then we can have an additional hour or two playing in a garden and discussing your favorite flowers and what you would like them to bring out in you. You will receive appx 5 final edited collage shots and 11 portraits. 

Naked in Nature Portraits ::

$440 2 hour session, meet on location in nature or private space. Beginning with a clearing and optional cacao or tea experience. Visit a few different settings and we can utilize props, such as flowers, scarves or tapestries, hats, your choice! You will receive appx 11 final edited photos (additional photos may be purchased) 

Transformational Business Photo Session :: Complete package of; discussion of your offering and self reflection to connect the photos to your business, nature photo session, extra post editing.

$1111 one or two phone sessions to connect your offering and self, with worksheets to convey into imagery // 4 hour photo session in location of choice to inspire us. You will receive appx 44 final edited photos.

Collaborative Business Photo Session :: Creative imagery that you can use for your business, for your personal promotions and gather with your friends to make a session affordable for all! I can help make group shots, individual shots and collaborate on how you would like to make this session work. 

$770 gather with up to 5 of your friends for a 3 hour guided photography session in your location of choice. You will each receive appx 5 final edited photos and a selection of group shots. 

** Physical prints available upon request. On sustainable bamboo paper, or custom to your choosing. 


Contact me to book a session, or fill out the form below for more information :: alchemygoddess@gmail.com

A non-refundable deposit of $222 is required to book a session (when we decide on a date).


**If you would like to schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation, let me know and we can discuss the opportunity to work together.

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