julia diane

cosmic photography of the beauty in nature, the connection to earth and Self. Self-portraiture and portraiture photography in nature.

It's not about the camera.

It's inevitable that I get asked what equipment I use when making photographs. This is the artists' tool. The question comes up almost daily, and I want to address it because it is important. Although in another sense, it's not important at all. 

Yes, this tool allows me to make the vision a reality. To bring what I see into form, into permanence. But the actual thing itself, the camera, has changed over the years and my vision continues to grow regardless of the equipment. I have chosen the particular tool that I use to express my inner vision. But that doesn't mean that if you choose the same tool, you will get the same, or even similar results. Not at all. 

The quality of the camera allows for light to be captured in a certain way, to individuate colors particularly, and the grain and quality of the image affected. So I have chosen the Sony RX1R if you're wondering. :) It's compact, so I am not burdened by size and weight. It's full frame and pro quality, so I can make prints that are sharp and a largish size. It's easy to use, once you learn how to use it! I can operate it fully manually if I choose, which is incredibly important for my work. And I am able to set a timer, which I use for self-portrait making. The only drawback is that the lens is fixed, can't be changed from the 35mm, but is super sharp and high quality. The lens is everything. If you want to make quality prints, it's all about the lens. So in this sense, yes, it is about the camera. But much more importantly, the vision you are creating as an artist needs to take center stage. 

What is your vision? Why does it matter? 

This is a question I revisit constantly as an artist. Does what I'm doing matter? Yes. It is essentially for you, the artist, the work. Not for anyone else. It must be that first and foremost. Then think about how the work is shared and consumed. Art is an exploration of the self. The waves of inspiration, the light, the darkness, the flow, the stagnation, all of it. Share it all. That is how we connect most deeply to one another. 

Lately, working on composite images has been really fun for me. Searching my archives, thinking what can work together, combined feeling states, and compositionally matching images. The singular image is also really special, what I discovered at a certain moment in time, witness to the pure beauty. 

It just feels good to share. I think we are here to do just that, and learn from each other. Learn through reflections, about our self. Reflections of other beings, or places or things. It will change, shift and never stay the same. Through art we can express our truth, what we are working through, musing with, witnessing and experiencing in our humanness. 

So, to get into my process, how do I do it? I push. I pull. I waver. And I rise above it all. To take action. To feel what is moving through me. And I begin. It starts with a vision. What do I want to see, to experience? It is beauty. Pure and true. So I go there. I search for what makes me feel that beauty, often times in nature. I get out there. Make the time. Make it real. 

Nature for me is my place of peace. Where I go to be freely me. I can do it anywhere, that is real, but in nature it just is so pure. It is heaven. The elements embrace me, I feel. I breathe. Then I take out my camera. There is so much beauty, and I truly get excited. Like really excited ;) those of you that have been with me in nature, know!! Ha! 

Sharing it, that is a part of the process. To see what is taken in by others, to see what relates. It's a part of art that is strange, and can be a process of judgement when taken too deep, but also a process of transformation and connection. It can allow us to see different, and even see our self better when we share. When we interact. When we give our self freely. It is like Love.