julia diane

cosmic photography of the beauty in nature, the connection to earth and Self. Self-portraiture and portraiture photography in nature.

Sea Self // Portraiture

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highest being of Beauty ::

Where have I immersed myself most in photography lately? It is through self portraits, where I'm the maker and the subject, that I have come to learn the most. This recent exploration has deepened my connection to the world and how I live in it. It has allowed for breakthroughs. In my relating to Others, and to my Self. How so? It's all in the process, where I push myself outside of comfort, into an unknown. Out in nature there is no control, it's only allowing, and seeing what exists in beauty. Maybe this is what attracts me to being outside, making photos, where I don't know the conditions that will exist when I arrive. It is a mystery, even when I know the location. There are variables of weather, the people, light that is always changing. It's rarely as you expect. :)

Through this experience, letting go of any expectation of the conditions, then I can drop in and show my Self. I am free. 

I can then share my experience through a photograph. What comes across, is it a feeling state, an immersion into the scene? Here I can begin relating to others. For me, the process of opening up to my Self, more deeply and truly, has compelled me to share it with others. Through this, I find that people naturally open up and want to share their story, or feelings. I've become more real, and so has the rest of the world to me. Thank you for your participation!

Where I find myself always seems to be near the sea. I have this deep connection to saltwater, the little creatures, the tides. I grew up on a saltwater bay, and I would spend hours exploring in the sand, immersing myself in this microcosm. My dreams are filled with ocean seas and shells. I am called to be there. The waters speak to me, flowing gracefully, and fiercely. It's no wonder I find myself taking self portraits there too. I love the challenge of working with these elements that move. Synching into the flow of the waves, making sure my camera is safe and stable, wind and salt spray blasting the camera; the ocean has an incredible energy to work with. 

It's simple how it works, but the right tools are necessary. I've got my camera & a tripod with quick release. Then I have the camera set on a timer, and run in front! Positioning myself in the right place can take a few frames, then playing with the light in the sunrise or sunset makes efficiency key, the time I love most to capture color. Such a mesmerizing process to participate in! Gotta get out there and just do it!!!