julia diane photography

photography in the natural world, wonder & discover. 

Exploring the flowing forms of plants, the sea, mountains, I carry my camera with me to find what I see as beautiful. Natural light is my medicine, the sun rays, the moonlight. I am enamored by the existence of such power. 

Where blue seas show a vast expanse of wonder and lush forests encapsulate detailed realms of enchantment. They invoke something within, a force that is creative and open, where freedom exists. What I want to share is this sense of awe, beauty, wonder and the inspiration that captures us takes us into higher states of mind. Through photography I can show what I see, how I see it and share a story of earthly beauties. 


As a nature lover, I am concerned with the mindless trashing of our landscapes, our seas, the air and the earth. We must reclaim our visions of justice, what it means to be a steward of the earth and a human. As we balance our way through life I can only hope that we wake up and find true harmony. I choose to print on the most environmentally friendly paper available for fine art printing, archival bamboo paper. With small changes we can be our full creative selves and be good to the earth. 


~ With Love ~

Julia Diane Corbett